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Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris Polmed 2012

 Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris Polmed 2012
1.   Asi’s parents were auxious to know ……  in the state university entrance test
A.      Did he do well
B.      How did he do
C.      How well he did
D.      Is he doing well
E.       He did well

      2.   “ did you tell your parents  that you failed in two subjects this semester?”
“wel, of course. I even told them  …..”
A.      Why I failed
B.      Did I fail
C.      Why did I fail
D.      I failed
E.       Why I fail
      3.   “Have you seen Pak Imam about our proposal?”
“yes, I have and I asked him ….”
A.      Was our proposed budget feasible?
B.      That our proposed budged was feasible.
C.      Whether our proposed budged was feasible
D.      How feasible was our budged
E.       Our proposed budged was feasible
      4.   Since there are many complaints about the new products, the company …. the products now.
A.      Is recalling
B.      Recalls
C.      Recalled
D.      Has recalled
E.       Did recalled

       5.  Because the project broke the rule, the police …. the manager to be arrested now.
A.      Look for
B.      Looked for
C.      Was looking for
D.      Are looking for
E.       Had looking for
       6. By the time you get back, we …. care of everything.
A.      Will take
B.      Will be taking
C.      Will have to take
D.      Will have been taking
       7. The children …. by the time their parents got home.
A.      Sleep
B.      Was sleeping
C.      has already slept
D.      had already slept
       8.  While …. to buy the concert ticket, the man with the beard stole the young lady’s purse.
A.      He queuing
B.      He queues
C.      Queuing
D.      Queued
       9. “where are the song lyrics we are going to give them to the members of the choir?”
        “oh, they ….”
A.      Are copying
B.      Are being copied
C.      To copy
D.      To be copied
E.       Copying
      10. The play performed by teater EMWE was good, …. it could have been improved by adding the sound  effects.
A.      This
B.      And
C.      But
D.      Or 

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